Saturday, September 18, 2010

Magandang Umaga Blazing Araw

Just past 8:00 AM
The sun is blazing down on me...

Sweltering rays
Sweat rolls down the back of my neck

My lucky sombrero shading my eyes
The twinkle of glass and metallic surfaces
Gleam back with pure intensity.

Pasyal forward I will
Drinking water
Cool from within.

Dark ragged skin of those passing by
Have no choice but to live under the sun...
Already aged twice their years...

Dry so dry...
Hardly any sign of sweat.
A rag protrudes from that back
Of their thin tattered shirt.

Pasyal forward I go
With purpose closely observing
Buildings and Vendors
Still closed or just getting set up.

It may still be early for general business
Life is always moving
As if it never stopped from the day before...

Askal wondering from basura to basura
finding early morning treats

Panyo passing slowly across my forehead
I watch my step as I go...
Don't want to trip
On uneven ground
Step in the puddle left
Last night by heavy rains.

Local tricycle barkada
Gathering in uniform lines
Waiting for their next bayad.

The Smell of fresh pandesal
Met in the air by the call of taho
Time to bumalik sa bahay
For miryenda

Tagalog Words:
Magandang Umaga - Good Morning
Araw - Sun
Sombrero - Hat
Pasyal - Walk
Askal - Street Dog
basura - Garbage
Panyo - Handkerchief
Barkada - Group
Bayad - Payment or Fare
Pandesal - Bread
Taho - Snack made of fresh soft/silken tofu, brown sugar and vanilla syrup, and pearl tapioca.
Bumalik sa bahay - Return home
miryenda - Snack

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