Sunday, July 15, 2007

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Information Mashup for Filipinos presented by: www. is dedicated to bring exposure of the thriving economic boom currently taking place in the Philippines. In some perspective it may seem small, but the Philippines is at the center of a global network of Filipino people on land, sea, and air that cover almost every continent.

The travel of the Pilipino people and the blending of past colonial cultures is not the result of a current trend, but of 100's if not thousands of years of exposure to cultures of all kinds due to its integral location around a very diverse international business community.

In current times many of the Pilipino people who leave are not leaving because they don't like the Philippines or that they are trying to escape some kind of oppression. They are seeking jobs. The growing trend of overseas phone banks and similar tech services in the Philippine is not likely to end any time soon. This has also awakened a dotcom/tech service window of opportunity as these phone banks need technology to support VoIP and as the market demanded there are VoIP companies everywhere.

This only part of the story so you will have to just follow along as I create the dynamic report of my research of all kinds of information related to the Philippines, Filipino, Pilipino, Pinoy, Pinay People, Culture, Life, Music, Sport, Entertainment, Business, and anything else a "Flip" has put their stamp on...anywhere on this earth and beyond.

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